Audyssey Media Player


Developer’s Description: 

What it is:

The Audyssey Media Player is a 99-cent iOS app that dramatically improves the sound quality of any pair of headphones.


Why it’s innovative:

The Audyssey Media Player is the only app that knows the specific headphone model, playback device and playback volume making it the smartest music app ever created. It unlocks the full potential of the user’s headphones, enabling them to vastly improve their listening experience.


How it works:

Audyssey developed ExpertFit™ – a patented measurement technology that individually calibrates headphones to account for variations in acoustical characteristics and human perception that negatively impact audio quality. Audyssey ExpertFit compensates for these factors and enables headphones to deliver reference sound. Audyssey has the world’s largest cloud-based headphone database, encompassing 270+ models from over 70 manufacturers.  Users simply select their model of headphones and immediately enjoy vastly improved sound quality.


Cost: $0.99

Category: Entertainment

Author: Audyssey 

Platform: iOS

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