In 2018 CES will no longer be hosting the Mobile Apps Showdown. Mobile Apps have become so integral to our devices, whether that's a smartwatch, a personal assistant or an IoT object, that we've decided to incorporate the best Mobile Apps in our various lifestyle marketplaces and conferences. If you're looking for a competition to raise your profile at CES you apply to The Last Gadget Standing or the KAPi Awards (for the kids' industry).

Mobile Apps Showdown is being replaced with Young Innovators to Watch, an exciting ceremony that awards the youngest entrepreneurs who will fuel tomorrow's innovations.

Meanwhile relieve the memories of some of the most wonderful apps ever to cross our stage and thanks to all of those who participated over the years.


There are almost 500,000 apps in the app stores, so how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? The Mobile Apps Showdown is one of the few events at CES that puts the spotlight on the best apps in the business. Contestants are whittled down by a group of expert judges. Next, an online vote and a live audience vote determine apps that have broken new ground. This year we had a double winner this year, MyScript Nebo, which won both the online and live audience vote. Plus, for those  of you with elephant memories note that the same company won the Mobile Apps Showdown for a calculator they built that transcribed handwritten equations into actual formulas with calculations.