Developer’s Description: Maluuba is a personal assistant app that provides exact results for everyday queries. It is a do- engine that allows users to speak naturally to their mobile phone to get stuff done. Whether it’s looking up movies playing at nearby theatres, or figuring out where you are going to stop for dinner, Maluuba will be there providing fast, precise results.

Maluuba helps manage the lives of millions of busy users around the globe. The app provides search capabilities, organizational management, and social connections through a beautiful voice and touch combination interface. By providing quick results for weather, directions, television, sports, restaurants, movies, and more, Maluuba is the perfect tool for people on the go. Maluuba helps you stay on track through reminders, alarms, and tight calendar integration. Keep in touch with friends using text, email, phone, Twitter, and Facebook through Maluuba. 


Cost: Free

Category: Entertainment, Productivity, Shopping, Social Networking 

Author: Maluuba 

Platform: Android, Windows Mobile 

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Judges Review

Mice and fingers are expressive, but voice is how we express ourselves. Maluuba, a Canadian startup, is trying to integrate voice into the mobile experience. Yes, tech giants Google and Apple are already working on this, but lets leave some room for innovation and competition. Maluuba has partnerships for various tasks (Yelp for restaurants, Wolfram for general knowledge, etc.) and when your request falls into one of these areas, results can be great. Results can also be, well, surprising. It’s not as good at at repartee as Siri (“Tell me a joke”) and it’s not as integrated into my Android phone as Google Now, but I’m very happy to have Maluuba listening to me on my mobile.