GreatCall Link


Developer’s Description: GreatCall Link is an app for iOS and Android smartphones created to help families of aging Americans provide care without compromising independence. The free smartphone app seamlessly connects with GreatCall health and safety products – providing essential information to reassure caregivers and enhance their confidence in the wellbeing of an aging American.

Through real-time notifications and on-demand information, the app shows calls made to 5Star, recent locations, a list of the day’s activities, and power status of the device through an intuitive dashboard. GreatCall Link can connect with all GreatCall products equipped with 5Star service, providing 24/7 access to NAED Certified Response agents who can quickly assess a situation and get the help that is needed.

*Note: This app will not launch until January 2014 and this news is embargoed until CES.* 


Cost: Free (must be connected to a GreatCall product with 5Star service to use) 

Category: Health

Author: GreatCall 

Platform: iOS, Android


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