Posted: 12.14.2013, 9:53pm
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Developer’s Description: Paired with Bluetooth Smart technology, the Kevo mobile app turns a compatible smartphone into an electronic key (eKey). The low-energy Bluetooth signal allows the lock to recognize authorized users without requiring them to take their phones out of their purses or pockets. With the free app in the background of a smartphone, authorized users are able to unlock the Kevo deadbolt with the simple touch of a finger.

The Kevo mobile app is used for initial setup, locking and unlocking, sending, disabling and deleting eKeys, viewing history of lock activity and setting up other features of the lock. Sending an eKey to family or friends is as simple as sending an email, and users can revoke or delete eKeys at any time. Administrators can choose to receive smartphone notifications when an eKey locks or unlocks the deadbolt. 


Cost: Free 

Category: Other, Security 

Author: Kwikset 

Platform: iOS


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