Perfect Bake Video


Perfect Bake turns anyone into a master pastry chef, guaranteeing delicious results every time. Purchase the app-controlled system (smart digital scale, color-coded bowls, oven thermometer and device stand), download the free app, then connect the scale to your smart device. The app hand-holds you from start to finish: Choose from 260+ recipes (cakes, cookies, pancakes, stuffing and more), modify an existing recipe or add your own. Scale recipes to a desired serving size, pan size or shape, or to the least ingredient on hand; the app does the hard math. Pour ingredients directly into the bowl as the app measures them in real-time onscreen and tells you when to stop; no measuring cups/spoons required. Keep track of ingredients on-hand in your virtual Pantry and find recipes to make using those ingredients. Plus, easy-to-follow color-coded recipe blocks, in-app mixing, baking and cooling timers; a portioning meter; and 60+ original how-to videos. – See more at: