Developer’s Description: The app is changing the way people browse, try and buy eyewear.

With 3Dfit technology, the app allows users to virtually try on thousands of brand-name frames, each sized to scale on a 3D model of their face. Shoppers can compare frames with side-by-side images, select favorites, and share with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The app blends Hollywood special effects with advanced computer modeling to render detailed, photo-realistic and interactive experiences that let users shop confidentially on mobile.

The app is available in the Apple iTunes store for free. 


Cost: Free 

Category: Shopping


Platform: iOS


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Judges Review

This is incredibly cool on an ipad.  you scan a complete 3D replica of your face and try on glasses. You can tilt the glasses on your nose, adjust the frame and then buy.  I’t’s free and amazing.