uCiC (you see I see) allows you to select any area in the world and reach out to users, whether you know them or not, to complete an image or video request for you. Along with the reward of a good deed, they receive in-app Karma Points that they can use to make their own requests. E.g. you need a specific kind of flowers for your grandma’s birthday. You can send a request out to three different flower shops around you and ask if anyone has seen them. Users that receive the request can send you a picture of the flowers and the location where to get them. So whether you want to see the sunset in Paris, or check if the fire you see on the TV news has reached your house, uCiC will show you what you need. – See more at: http://mobileappsshowdown.com/blog/2015ces/ucic/#sthash.Y3KTW15J.dpuf