Mobile Apps Showdown Declares 2014 Winners:
One Practical Password Minder and One Stress Reliever Built by US Enlisted Guys

The people have spoken, and while all ten contestants in the Mobile Apps Showdown gave heroic presentations, the winners have been declared. Let’s hear it for:

Online Winner:
Ballerz There wasn’t a dry eye in the place when the Ballerz team explained that while serving in the US Navy, things can get pretty stressful. That’s why they created Ballerz, an app that lets you pick up a basketball or other street game no matter where in the world you happen to be. The Ballerz team came out rappin’ and had lots of votes from their fellow buddies around the world.

Live Vote:
PasswordBox won the audiences’ hearts for being truly useful and giving an authentic presentation. PasswordBox is an innovative, free password manager with secure digital wallet features for your iPhone, iPad and desktop devices. You get a 1-tap login for all your favorite websites and apps. That means no typing or memorizing scores of passwords. Collaborate, for personal and business purposes, with secure account sharing. Create secure notes while keeping track of credit cards and other sensitive personal data in your digital wallet. Even make sure that no one ever gets the text or photo you meant only for your BFF’s eyes.

All of the nominees this year were spectacular and often eccentric. Make sure to read all about them. We’ll see you in June for Mobile Apps Showdown at CE Week.

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