Squint Browser


Developer’s Description: Squint The Keyword Web Browser is an entirely new way to browse the internet. Mark, Snip, or Warp Keywords to customize the way you see the world. Squint was invented to empower people to choose how they want to explore the web. Please enjoy Squint’s simple, private and powerful innovation!

*** Private and secure ***
No accounts. No sign up. Easily clear history, cookies and data.

*** Keyword Browsing ***
*Mark – Highlight your invited data with color and emphasis. Browse, shop and discover what matters most to you.
*Snip – Skip over the results of the big game or just ignore exhausted news stories. Snip hides unwanted content in black.
*Warp – Nickname Facebook friends, sports teams, celebrities and politicians. Replace text all around the web. Go crazy!

*** Tap On, Tap Off ***
Tap the Squint button to toggle Keyword effects on and off. Brilliant! 


Cost: $1.99

Category: Productivity

Author: Big Fish Design LLC 

Platform: iOS

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