Developer’s Description: CrowdFlik is the revolutionary mobile video app that makes capturing, creating and sharing mobile video better than ever. CrowdFlik is free and easy to use. Anyone can use the CrowdFlik app when they are capturing video on their smart phone. Just open the app and start filming.

CrowdFlik’s proprietary technology combines and synchronizes all video captured via the CrowdFlik app. CrowdFlik organizes the captured video based on event – using time and location – and gives users the unprecedented ability to easily create custom edits of any event using the proprietary and intuitive CrowdFlik ‘CreteFLIK’ function. Users can easily create multiple custom Fliks of any length and share, view or save them. CrowdFlik gives users the ability to share and post their edits to their Facebook page, twitter, and other social media sites. 


Cost: Free

Category: Entertainment, Social Networking, Other, Mobile Video 

Author: CrowdFlik, Inc. 

Platform: iOS, Android

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Judges Review

Now that everyone with a smartphone is shooting videos, don’t you wish you could combine yours with those shot by others in the crowd to create the more complete record of events or performances? CrowdFlik is an app for users to upload their version of the event to the cloud, where these clips are chopped into 10-second chunks and are organized by a time stamp according to the naval atomic clock. Users can then edit these crowdsourced clips into a multi-angle compilation video that is sharable.

– Gloria Sin