Never Miss A Meeting: Plantronics Instant Meeting Saves Precious Time


Developer’s Description: Plantronics InstantMeeting solves the problem of lost corporate productivity due to meeting inefficiencies.  Using patent-pending technology, InstantMeeting synchronizes with your calendar to identify conference calls and dialing details and reminds you just before the meeting is scheduled to begin. With just one touch, InstantMeeting will connect you to your conference call. If you are running late for the call, InstantMeeting will also allow you, again with just one touch, to notify your fellow attendees that you will be joining soon. You can choose to dial in to the meeting as a participant or leader. Furthermore, if your call gets disconnected, InstantMeeting will offer you the option to re-connect using one touch.


It only takes one person to delay a meeting for all participants, and Plantronics InstantMeeting makes sure everyone dials in.  Deployed across the corporate enterprise InstantMeeting delivers organizational efficiencies that will increase productivity for the company as a whole.




Up to 1,000 seats – $3,000

Up to 10,000 seats – $10,000

Each licensee is eligible to download up to 4 versions of the app – one for each platform if needed*

Also available as a standalone consumer app: iPhone: $4.99 Android: $2.99Blackberry: $2.99Outlook: Free

Category: Productivity, Communication
Author: Plantronics
Platform: Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad


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