Echoer: Shape and Explore A World Of Thoughts Around You


Developer’s Description: Have you ever wished you could see the thoughts of those around you? Wanted to share your ideas and discoveries with others in your area? Or tell a venue what you think about it and see if anyone else agrees?

Echoer is a powerful social sharing application that connects the world of comments and ideas with the power of location and the crowd, allowing real-time sharing of what you are thinking with the people and groups at the same place or event as you.  It’s built on top of a highly interactive visual platform that allows users to echo their thoughts and watch ideas grow as others agree and amplify them before their eyes.

Echoer ties together the very latest in user interface design, data visualization and location-aware functionality to give you a flexible, informative and fun experience where the serendipity of discovery just around the corner…



Cost: Free, Expected in February 2012

Category: Social Networking, Location-Based-Services, Local

Author: Echoer

Platform: iPhone/iPad initially, followed by Android early 2012


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