Line2 Turns Your iPad Into A One-Stop Communications Hub!


Developer’s Description: The ultimate iPad accessory: a phone number! Line2 turns your iPad into a one-stop communications hub.

Place and receive calls and use carrier-grade text messaging over your iPad’s data connections (WiFi or 3G data). Use the built-in speakerphone, or for privacy connect a headset or Bluetooth device.

Line2 for iPad offers:
* Your very own new local number (or transfer an existing number)
* Unlimited US/Canada calls
* Unlimited domestic texting in US
* Conference call up to 20 people
* Visual voicemail
* Voicemail by email
* Email support from within the app

Manage All Your Communications in One Stream Instead of trying to hunt down a message across multiple applications (email, text messaging, voicemail), with Line2 you get a snapshot view of your communications for each contact on your iPad.

The app download is free, and service is just $9.95 a month with no contracts required.


Cost: Free But Requires Line2 Account

Category: Productivity, Other, Business

Author: Line2

Platform: iPhone/iPad

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Line2 gives you a second number on your smartphone that can text and make calls using Wifi or 3G. It’s cheap and may, for instance, be a good way to do personal calls on a business phone. I really wanted Line2 to work for me, and sometimes it did. But half the time the quality was atrocious. Since this is the second line, it’s not like you don’t have options. Speaking of options, there are other such services including Skype, which work better for me.

Best Part: Cheap, good UI

Needs Work: Call quality is inconsistent at best. Should try to transcribe voice mails like Google Voice and others do

Larry Seltzer