Mobile Apps update: Make your vote count


Who says the best can’t rise to the top? Not us. Here at the Mobile Apps Showdown, we know that you know which apps have been naughty and which apps have been nice. Now we need you to cast your vote for your favorite mobile app.

We did the tough work for you. Our judges from NetShelter Technology Media looked at tons of apps, hashing out the pros and cons. We’ve now narrowed the field to 20 fabulous semifinalists.

Mobile Apps Showdown Ballot Box Page

Make your vote count on our Ballot Box Page!

What’s the score:

At the moment, TeleNav GPS Navigator is stealing the show. For ten dollars a month, it turns your phone into a turn-by-turn, voice-navigation GPS. SPB TV, an app that transforms your phone into a tiny TV, is in second place. And as crazy as it seems, DateCheck, an app whose motto is “look up before you hook up,” currently holds third place.

What happens next:

All semifinalists will demo live from the Mobile Apps Showdown stage in the North Hall at CES 2010 (beginning on January 7). Stop by and see them — the show will be a constant rotation of apps. By January 9, we’ll have ten finalists who will go on to the big stage in the Ballroom at the LVCC (Saturday, January 9 at 12:30 in Room N257). On that day, we’ll also tally up the online votes and name a people’s choice winner. So whether you’re with us at CES or with us online, you’ve got an important vote to cast. Go for it. (Next year perhaps we’ll have a mobile app to let you cast your vote.)