Mobile Apps Showdown App-sanity, 2013



What happens in Vegas really needs to get outside of Vegas, especially when it comes to Mobile Apps. Our fourth annual Mobile Apps Showdown, Las Vegas takes place during 2013 CES and it’s a great way to get your apps in front of hundreds of thousands of attendees.

You can choose to showcase on the show floor at our prebuilt wall of apps — it’s self service, and we staff it for you so that you attend your meetings and secure your next go round.

After three days of exhibiting we culminate in a showcase hosted by Gary “Bababooey” Del’ Abate and Jon Hein of Howard Stern wrap up show fame. The audience gets to vote online as well as in real time at one of the most raucously fun events at CES.

To enter the mobile apps showdown completion

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To secure your spot on the wall of apps /p>

Hearty congrats to NYC Mobile Apps Showdown winners: Kurio7 from TechnoSouce, Pressman’s iPieces and Life360. And congrats one more time to Magisto and McCaw our 2012 Las Vegas winners.

Get on your mark. Get set. Get app’ed.