Reach New Fitness Goals With Runtastic’s Fitness App Collection!


Top 25 Top 25 – Developer’s Description: Challenge yourself to reach previously unattainable fitness goals with the new runtastic Fitness App Collection! The Fitness App Collection consists of four apps which focus on important, stationary exercises, including: push- ups, sit-ups, squats, and pull-ups.

The apps are specifically designed to increase your strength and stamina, all the while providing you with easy-to-follow instructions and a long-term goal. Whether your goal is to complete 50 sit-ups or 100 squats, runtastic offers you unique training plans and day-by-day training guidelines to get you there! Using your smartphone’s built-in sensors, repetitions are counted automatically and you’re alerted when you’ve reached your goal.

Need motivation? No problem! The voice coach will keep you going as you earn badges and shatter personal records. You can also share progress and challenge your friends to a little friendly competition.

The runtastic Fitness App Collection is here to help you get fit, stay fit, and feel terrific! 


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Category: Fitness 

Author: Runtastic 

Platform: iOS, Android

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Ask anyone what they really think about exercise and they’ll probably say something like ‘better now that it is done’. The hardest part of any exercise program is getting motivated to do it, which is why so many people sign New Year’s health club contracts and drop out after month or two. This is why apps like Runtastic and it suite of related programs are so popular. A lot of people use their smartphone to listen to music when exercising, and having a personalized tracker in your hand to monitor progress and assign goals is a plus.

Runtastic does a lot of what other mobile exercise apps do, like track distance and figure out calories burnt. However, it takes thing a step or two further by interacting with your GPS to show where you have run, monitoring heart rate zones and setting goals. You can also share your progress with your friends in real-time, and they literally can cheer you on as you hit your wall or maybe that all-important first mile for beginners. It can also help with interval training and more serious athletic goals – taking motivation to the max.

The best part is Runtastic is part of a series of apps that target specific athletic endeavors like winter sports, mountain biking and even pushups. The only thing missing is a vibrating alert when your workout course brings you too close to cupcakes and ice cream, but who would really want an app that did that!

 Tim Scannell