Talking glasses-free 3D, social media at CES



LAS VEGAS (NEWS1130) – Glasses or no glasses when it comes to 3D TV? That’s a big question at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

“For us, it’s absolutely no glasses,” says Bud Robertson with Stream TV. “The future is a glasses-free 3D.”

“Entry on 3D… the adoption has been slow. We think a great part of that is the need to have special equipment. You don’t see the world in 3D with glasses; why should you have to do it at home?”

What are people telling him when they see how 3D works without glasses?

“When their jaws have stopped dropping to the floor and they see the quality of it, they say, ‘Wow, we thought this was years away. I can’t believe it’s here.’”

A look at social media at CES

You can find just about everything related to technology and the digital world at CES; News1130 caught up with Brian Page with Living in Digital Times (and one of the organizers of the Mobile Apps Showdown) at CES to talk about social media.