Communicate Through Music And Media With Emotitones Mobile App


Developer’s Description: Emotitones is a patent-pending mobile platform that enables people to communicate through music and media. Instead of texting someone, we make it easy for users to select a short musical or literary excerpt conveying their intended sentiment. If there isn’t a clip that matches the desired emotion, a user can create their own. The selected clip is customized with text and corresponding image, and is then delivered as an MMS to the receiver’s mobile device.

Aside from being a completely new way for people to have meaningful (but quick) mobile conversations, Emotitones is a vehicle for artists to connect, inform and give back to their audiences, and to promote and preview new material.

Send an emotitone. Start a whole new conversation.


Cost: Free, Available January 2012

Category: Other, Media-Rich Communication

Author: Emotitones

Platform: Android/iPhone/iPad

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