Cinefy, The Mobile Video Editor You And Your Phone Have Been Waiting For


Developer’s Description: Cinefy is a mobile video editing platform for iPhone where users create and share videos mixed with high quality special effects. Cinefy empowers users with no editing skills to quickly insert footage, add music and apply visually stunning effects with its intuitive and simple interface.

“As a former television director, this is a thrilling product to see in action” said Gary Stover, Product Director.

In Cinefy, individual themed or branded effects packs are available for in app downloads, offering TV and game studios the ability to market products in a way that creates exciting and massive viral exposure potential.

“We made Cinefy to put the most exciting Hollywood quality production tools directly in the user’s hands,” said Dan Hellerman, CEO of App Creation Network. “The ability for studios to promote their brands, by empowering users with actual effects elements themed to their shows or games, is an explosive marketing tool.”

Cost: $2.99, Available January 2012

Category: Games, Entertainment, Photography, Social Networking

Author: App Creation Network

Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad

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It’s not going to guarantee that you’re the next George Lucas, but Cinefy brings professional video editing to your phone. Think of it as an aggregate of every cool special effect you wished you knew how to do. You can buy, share, exchange effects, too.  And  did we mention there’s downloadable music as well?  So what are you waiting for?  Have my agent call your app in the morning. 

-Robin Raskin