TiVo App for iOS


Developer’s Description: TiVo’s App for iOS provides an advanced, second-screen companion tool, enabling you to browse & discover content, stream live & recorded shows & even download programming for on-the-go viewing.

Doubling as a TiVo remote, the app manages recordings and allows you to browse the channel guide, information on actors, themed Collections of movies and TV shows including Academy Award winning films, new Fall TV programming, Shark Week, etc. all without interrupting what you’re watching on the TV.

The app features “What to Watch Now” a personalized dashboard combining recommendations and personal preferences to presents viewers the content they want the most at any time based on categories including Popular on Now, Movies on TV, Sports on Now (powered by Thuuz excitement ratings), Kids, Favorite Channels and your recorded TV.

Your mobile device is now a remote, dashboard, discovery device & screen all in one, allowing true content control from anywhere. 


Cost: Free for TiVo users

Category: Entertainment

Author: Tivo

Platform: iOS

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