Magisto Creates Professional Videos With A Single Click, All For Free!


Developer’s Description: Magisto is an amazing app that takes your raw videos and turns it into a beautifully edited & produced clip perfect for sharing. And it does it all in a click, for free. Right now, all these special moments are too long and boring to share. With Magisto you can create videos that your friends actually want to watch and you can do it with minimum efforts and maximum quality.

Magisto will analyze these videos, understand it, find the best parts and make it look amazing! Now you have a way to express yourself and to capture those special moments that you want to share with the people around you.


Cost: Free

Category: Other, Video

Author: Magisto

Platform: iPhone/iPad

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Magisto is a barebones video editing application that allows users to edit video, pair it with a soundtrack and upload it to YouTube in a single click.

Best Feature: The no-frills user interface is fantastically simple and great if you just need to upload quick how-to videos or product unboxing videos at a conference or on-the-go.

Needs Work: Clearly there’s a need for this product but competitor Muvee already has a partnership with Nokia and JayCut was recently acquired by RIM. Is it possible that video editing will just start shipping as a default on every device in 2012? Magisto will have to come up with some killer additional features and filters to compete in this space.

Dana Oshiro