Monitor Your Home From The Palm Of Your Hand With ADT’s Pulse Mobile App


Developer’s Description: ADT Pulse marries the best in ADT’s life safety and monitoring services with new lifestyle management capabilities. This new home monitoring and control solution helps provide the 24×7 intrusion, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring that consumers have come to expect from ADT. In addition, with ADT Pulse, people can securely use any compatible smart phone or web-enabled laptop to remotely access and control not only their home security system, but an expanded list of home-based lifestyle functions, including video of events, lighting, climate control, appliances and much more.

ADT Pulse services offer consumers three convenient ways to help them stay connected with home and family:
•Web-enabled phone or mobile device

•A personalized ADT Pulse Web page •A home control interactive touchscreen


Cost: Free With ADT Service

Category: Security

Author: ADT Security Services, INC

Platform: Android/iPhone/iPad/Blackberry

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Another great use of a smartphone instead of a remote. With this app you can control almost every function of your home, while you are away. Let the kids in when they ring the bell after hours. Arm the front door while you’re out back … the app is quite flexible. If you forget to set your alarm, you can activate it from anywhere. You can also control your home’s thermostat, adjust the lights. You can also view a live video feed (as long as you have the proper equipment installed at home).

THE BEST: Great peace of mind. You’ve spent the money on a great alarm system, the phone adds value.

NEEDS WORK: The installation and equipment you need to control all these services could add up to thousands of dollars.

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