#2013CES Magisto App Spa Event at ARIA Sky Suites


Source: The Cubicle Chick

If you are anything like me, you probably hate editing video. As a blogger, I know video is essential in being able to report and communicate to my readers and subscribers. I don’t do as much video as I should because the editing process for me is so tedious, but I’ve found a fabulous problem to my solution that will make all of our lives simpler and easier.

Magisto is a video recording and editing application for iOS and Android that allows you to create professional looking videos with their easy editing process right on your phone. With a few simple touches on your phone, you can create stunning video that can easily be shared via your social networks, email, or even within your own page on Magisto.

Last year, Magisto was the winner of the 2012 CES Mobile Apps showdown, and has been making giant strides digitally. It’s a social video tool that enables personalized video storytelling.