See the Who, Where and When of Your Day with Sales Navigator


Top 25TOP 25 – Developer’s Description: Sales Navigator is the first iOS application that enables individuals and organizations to improve productivity by integrating their contacts, locations, and calendars.

Sales Navigator lets users view their day’s appointments as a route using Apple Maps and identifies clients or prospects in the vicinity that may be scheduled in along the way. Users see the time needed to get to and from appointments, and which routes are the fastest. Users can easily modify plans as appointments and activities change in real time.

Sales Navigator enables users to assign contacts to groups that can be identified with customizable pins. Contacts can be grouped by priority/location, or by using the Filter function, they can choose to view specific groups on their map. Users can also send emails to contacts and view contacts’ websites from within the application.  A VoIP calling feature for the iPad and integration with are enhancements planned for early 2013.  Sales Navigator helps users clearly see the “Who, Where and When” of their busy day. 


Cost: $5.99 

Category: Productivity, Other, Business 

Author: The Casey Group

Platform: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

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Sales Navigator is a blend of Google Maps and IOS calendar. It’s just the thing for a busy day on the roard. There are lots of ways to view appointments and routes, and you can enter new appoinments while you’re on the road.

– Robin Raskin