Software makes a showing at CES 2013, but underwhelms




The only show that truly focused on emerging apps was the Mobile Apps Showdown, now in its third year at CES. There were 10 finalists that included MindMeld mentioned above, and an assortment of other apps that were interesting, but not really standouts from what we’ve seen before. One notable exception was MyScript Calculator, an app that lets you write math expressions freehand and delivers solutions to complex problems instantaneously. But overall, while there were definitely apps of note at the Mobile App Showdown, none really jumped out at us as particularly new or groundbreaking.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

My Script Calculator won the Mobile Apps Showdown with its ability to solve complex, hand-drawn math problems.

But this is not us saying that software will eventually disappear from CES. In fact, this year’s Mobile Apps Showdown was bigger than ever, and we think it will only continue to grow. Whether the relatively niche award show earns a spot as a major focal point of CES, though, is another matter.

At the end of the day, apps and software aren’t going anywhere. But if you’re wondering whether software and apps are poised to take center stage at CES in the near future: they’re not.