Turn Your iPad Into An Interactive Board Game With iPieces from Pressman!


Developer’s Description: With Pressman Toy’s iPieces, now you can turn any iPad into a board game for instant family fun. It’s simple. Purchase the iPieces for the game you’d like to play, download the corresponding app for free, and just add friends and family.

iPieces activate astonishing animations and special effects on the iPad, which literally bring the games to life. Listen to the water splash in “Fishing Game” or the snakes slither over the board when playing “Snakes & Ladders.” Players also feel the excitement as their air hockey strikers make contact going for the puck, or their fishing poles entwine as they try to hook a fish.

iPieces are made of special patent-pending conductive plastic. This strong, durable and abrasion-resistant material is iPad safe under normal use.
Initial iPieces game assortment includes: Fishing Game, Air Hockey, Snakes & Ladders, and Game of Goose

Cost: MSRP: $12.99 each

Category: Games

Author: Pressman Toy Corporation

Platform: iPad