High Tech Mommy – Ideas for High Tech Parents



So this show this year is bigger that it has been in years- so much happening! But one of the major things I’m noticing is how much technological advances are connecting the digital and physical worlds in 2013. We’re going to be seeing a lot more integration between the two here.

Samsung premium Four-door fridge Everything is getting “smarter”—from phones, to TVs and even appliances. Take, for instance, the new Samsung T9000, a premium four-door fridge with the most fresh food storage in its class and a whopping 32 Cubic Feet of total storage! This ultimate refrigerator for the home entertainer features a huge French door compartment on top, as well as two compartments on the bottom – one freezer space and another that can be converted from a freezer to a refrigerator when extra fresh food space is needed. It also has Triple Cooling technology to keep produce fresher longer. Super versatile and beautifully designed, this T9000 that we have here at CES has an LCD touch-screen and apps to keep families organized. It’s a mom must have for sophisticated entertaining!