Zlitter Is The Ultimate PRIVATE Location Social App


Developer’s Description: Zlitter is the ultimate PRIVATE location social app.

Real-time location sharing only with people you care about: Zlitter’s location-awareness technology virtually eliminates privacy concerns by allowing you to control your own visibility: street level, city level, or 100% accurate check-in only. All this without using your battery draining GPS – no more charging five times a day! Track down your kids after school and let them know where you are, but only provide your city location to colleagues.

Private groups: With Zlitter Groups, you’re in control of what you share, with whom and when. Let’s face it: We all have multiple identities we project to the world. Post photos of Saturday night’s party that only the girls can see, but share family reunion updates with your extended clan. Zlitter Groups let you fearlessly show yourself at home, at work and at play, with complete discretion over who sees what. 

Cost: Free

Category: Social Networking

Author: Maler Group 

Platform: Android

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It has happened to everyone. You are at an airport, perhaps passing through a city, and you make a quick post to Facebook letting everyone know where you are and where you are going. Hours later, someone replies to your post telling you if they only knew about your transit earlier then maybe you could have gotten together for a cup of coffee. Too late, because old information isn’t worth, well.. a pile of coffee beans.

Zlitter solves this problem by letting you set up select social circles of friends, family and even office workers and adds a GPS spin to let you see where they are at any exact moment in time. You select who is a part of your inner circle and can be as detailed or discrete on your whereabouts as you like. After all, some things are best kept a secret, even among friends. The app lets you post messages, search for nearby friends, follow conversational threads and so on. You can even zero in on specific individuals find out if someone really is working from home, since GPS tracking usually doesn’t lie (unless you are very, very clever).

There are some things I don’t like about the app. First and foremost is the name and the Zlit-speak it adds to the vernacular. Do I really want to ask someone to Zlit me and not risk a terrible misunderstanding?? The app also requires you to go through a long series of set up and preference menus before it truly comes up to speed, although once it does it is infectious and hard to put down. I can see a lot of teeners and tweeners using this to keep tabs on their friends, and dutifully blocking parents from crashing their personal circle.

– Tim Scannell