Webalo Gives You Mobile Access To Enterprise Applications and Data


Top 25TOP 25 – Developer’s Description: Webalo provides– in minutes – direct, bi- directional, transactional mobile access to enterprise applications and data. Its self-service, cloud-based configuration platform is easy enough for non-IT employees to master, yet it provides secure, scalable, productivity-enhancing online/offline access to databases, reports, web services, and websites. With no software to install and integrate; automatic adaptation to the UIs of Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows smartphones and tablets; and simple, per-user pricing, enterprise-to-mobile capabilities can be deployed 100x faster than with traditional SDKs and IDEs at a cost of pennies an app. The daily tasks and workflows that employees rely on to do their jobs – activities that would be too expensive to implement using traditional mobile application development tools – can be configured for individual users and deployed instantly for a fraction of the usual cost. Individualization provides direct access to users’ own tasks and data, streamlining interactions and increasing productivity even more. 


Cost: Webalo – Free / Webalo Pro Cloud – $99 / Webalo Pro Appliance – $150

Category: Productivity, Other, Technology 

Author: Webalo

Platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 

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Many companies continue to confront a mobile challenge: How to make their key corporate information assets available to employees outside the office and — here’s the real catch — on any mobile device.  Webalo attempts to make it easy to adapt for mobile access the custom applications, databases, reports, and Web sites on which all companies now live and breath. One of the most notable aspects of Webalo, though, is its approach: Much to the chagrin of any company’s IT department, Webalo pitches itself to individual employees to mobilize the corporate assets they want and need — on their own. This is a deliciously seditious tack that’ll especially appeal to corporate mavericks who, well, just can’t wait for their company to catch up to the realities of doing business in our increasingly anywhere-anytime-any-device era.

– Patrick Houston