The TIBCO Event-Driven Platform Sends The Right Promotion At Just The Right Time


Top 25TOP 25 – Developer’s Description: The common denominator of almost all consistent success is accurate predictions, just a little ahead of and a little better than everyone else. In 2011, McKinsey Institute estimated that retailers could increase operating margins by 60% with the right information.

TIBCO’s Event Driven Platform unites and analyzes all the electronic touch points of a customer’s life to create these accurate assessments. Its sophisticated data-crunching and modeling analysis are fully automated and self-adjust – without human intervention – to enable the right promotion or offer to be sent to the consumer at just the right time, at the moment of purchase.

In Spring 2012, fans of the Golden State Warriors basketball team were among the first consumers to benefit from this technology with the availability of an app for iPhones. 


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Author: TIBCO Software 

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