The Adaptxt Intelligent Keyboard Brings Advanced Word Prediction & Error Correcting To Your Android Device


Top 25TOP 25 -Developer’s Description: Adaptxt is an enhanced keyboard application for Android smartphone and tablet devices. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language algorithms to predict words and correct errors. It learns from individual styles of writing, allowing users to input information more quickly and easily. Adaptxt has the most extensive library of local languages and features of any product of its kind. This provides greater personalization options and encourages users to communicate freely and be more productive with little effort, leading to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.

Reviewers have spent the past year providing feedback to the beta version that has been incorporated to create Adaptxt 1.0 for smartphones and version 2.0 for tablets, which are available for free. More than 12 features have been added including single-touch Wikipedia definitions, swiping between languages, 35 industry-specific dictionaries for professions such as finance, legal and medical, plus 68 language dictionaries, from Arabic to Vietnamese. 

Cost: Free

Category: Other, Communication 

Author: KeyPoint Tech 

Platform: Android

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Adaptxt is an intelligent text input technology that employs recent developments in linguistic science to anticipate user’s meaning and dynamically suggest the most appropriate letters, words and phrases to complete sentences; thereby improving human/machine interaction. Adaptxt is currently available in the form of Smartphone and Tablet keyboards; it adapts to the user’s typing style and provides personalized, accurate word predictions and error corrections features while typing.

– Dave Whittle