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Developer’s Description: FlixFling is an application-based movie streaming service compatible with all Apple products, Android devices, internet-ready televisions and BluRay Players,Facebook, and Internet set-top boxes such as Roku and Boxee. Intended for seamless use across various devices, FlixFling uses a digital locker system called “MyFlix” to store users’ purchases. “MyFlix” allows users to purchase or rent movies directly from any FlixFling application and stream them on any supported device. Subscription or Pay As You Go options provide users with the ultimate plan flexibility. Subscriptions to FlixFling are just$7.99/month. Pay As You Go Accounts are free, with titles starting at just $0.99 to rent. FlixFling accompanies its user-friendly format with a diverse catalog over 6,000 movies and television shows. The FlixFling catalog boasts a broad range of independent films and genre favorites available instantly to all users.


Cost: Free – $7.99 / Month

Category: Entertainment, Other, Movies and Television

Author: FlixFling

Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad

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FlixFling is a kind of Netflix alternative that lets you stream movies instantly to any iPhone, iPad, Android device, or even to your computer. But instead of carrying a traditional collection of blockbuster flicks, the service carries a catalog of thousands of “hard to find” movies. To its credit, movies stream without a hitch, the monthly fee offers unlimited access, and the app offers easy access to trailers too. However, the FlixFling movie selection lacks mainstream appeal, most of its flicks are low budget, and much of the library is only suitable for adults. Interested in watching a movie about the last man on earth who is surrounded by a hoard of female vampires? “Hard to find” is an understatement here – these are movies for people with truly unique tastes.

Helena Stone