Order The Groceries From The Comfort Of Your Couch, With Grocery Glee


Developer’s Description: ENJOY THE FASTEST, MOST INTUITIVE AND FUN WAY OF SHOPPING OUT THERE. Take advantage of GG’s ultra-fast purchasing experience while shopping from your couch, car or in the middle of that boring meeting (Don’t worry; It’ll be so quick that no one will notice). Navigate the store intuitively sliding through aisles…All products are organized like you know they should! Everything is placed in shelves and arranged just like in your favorite store.

Store Benefits:

With enticing high quality pictures and easy browsing your customers will seamlessly buy all the products they want immediately.
•Leverage the aisle arrangement and the product placement know-how achieved by the retrial industry after spending millions studying the best way to sell to customers.
•Cross promotions, cross recipes, product suggestions, ‘don’t forget’- aisles, and many more features enable even more single stop purchases.


Cost: Free, Available February 2012

Category: Other, Grocery Shopping

Author: Imaginamos.com

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

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