With Love From Heckerty, Make Learning A Mobile Experience


Developer’s Description: Heckerty is a zany, 409-year-old, upside-down-on-her-broomstick, green-faced witch. Happy, hilarious, helpful – Heckerty enchants and educates kids everywhere.

Bored in the car? Fidgety in the bank? Fractious in line for the TSA? Let your kids tune into Heckerty’s adventures and while they laugh at her mad antics and help her put things right, they learn words, vocabulary and spelling while their little fingers learn precision and coordination.

Love From Heckerty is designed for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire. Rich and interactive, kids follow Heckerty and her cat, Zanzibar, to magical places filled with stories, games, puzzles, as well as dinosaurs, wizards and dozens of cousins.

From Broomstick Productions Inc, Heckerty is the creation of Britain’s Royal story-teller, and comes from a long, literary heritage of wizards and witches. She may have a green face but her heart is pure gold.


Cost: Free to start — then $1.99 / Available  Late January 2012

Category: Kids, Entertainment, Books

Author: Broomstick Productions, Inc

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android/Amazon Fire

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