TeleNav GPS Navigator: phone as co-pilot


mas_top10_150h - Copy.jpg Developer’s description: TeleNav GPS Navigator transforms mobile phones into full-featured personal navigation devices. The service includes full-color, 2D or 3D maps with voice and onscreen turn-by-turn driving or walking directions. TeleNav GPS Navigator also includes more than 10 million business listings with ratings and reviews, real-time traffic alerts with one-click rerouting, online-preplanning capabilities, and voice recognition. Other features include cheapest gas prices, weather alerts, Wi-Fi hot spot listings, “search along the route,” and multiple route options like avoiding toll roads and highways. Each time a customer launches a new route, TeleNav GPS Navigator accesses the most updated information online so that users do not have to worry about map and business listing information going out of date.

Pros: Provides both driving and walking turn-by-turn directions — onscreen and voice; local information is constantly updated since it’s stored on TeleNav’s servers on not on your phone.

Cons: Subscription model instead of a one-time payment; cannot store directions on your phone, which means if you lose your connection, you may lose your way.

Cost: $9.99 per month

Category: Lifestyle

Author: TeleNav Inc.

Platform: BlackBerry, Android, iPhone (as AT&T Navigator), Palm, and Windows Mobile