Bringing The Comic To The Next Level. CIA: Operation Ajax Amazes!


Developer’s Description: Called “One of the coolest media experiences I’ve seen on the iPad” by the New York Times, CIA : Operation Ajax completely re-invents the Graphic Novel for the digital age.

Ajax tells the true story of the first CIA-backed coup which toppled Iran’s democracy in 1953.

The app includes a 210 page comic with full sound and animation, plus tons of bonus content including: 22 character dossiers, 9 historical newsreels, and 3 authentic declassified documents detailing the coup from within the agency.


Cost: $7.99

Category: Entertainment, Books, Reading

Author: Cognito Comics

Platform: iPhone/iPad

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Based on a true story, CIA: Operation Ajax redefines the experience of reading a graphic novel by including interactive sound and animations. It’s also preloaded with notes, photos, and historical documents that offer you more background on the story as you read. Which is why we think that there is great potential to use this format in education as a tool to get kids actively interested in history. Unfortunately, at $7.99, it’s pricier than traditional digital comics. Bit at the end of the day, CIA: Operation Ajax isn’t just a digital comic book for the iPad, it’s the future of comics.

Helena Stone