LightSmart From UL Brightens Your Path To Efficient Home Lighting


Developer’s Description: The LightSmart App from UL, is a free app designed to help consumers transition their home lighting to energy efficient LED technology.

Guiding users through interactive screens, users are able to take a photo of their room, and see how differences in light would impact their space. Consumers can learn about concepts of energy savings, color, light and wattage, and then create a shopping list to take with them to a store.

Finally, lightsmart uses regional energy price tables to show real-time ROI for converting from traditional to LED lighting technology.

Save. Shop. Learn. LightSmart, from UL

Cost: FREE

Category: Education, Entertainment, Other, Energy Savings, Lifestyle

Author: UL

Platform: iPhone/iPad



In the age of energy efficient LED, halogen and CL  bulbs, those  changing a lightbulb jokes are not so funny. They actually require a PHd. in lightbulb changing if you’re going to do it right.  That’s where UL’s Smart UL comes in.  It’ll take newfangled jargon like lumens – a measure of light and compare it to what you ‘d measure in the past, watts (energy necessary to produce lit.) An augmented reality type layer let’s you take a photo of your room and see what it will look like with different lighting effects. Plus, it’s got a super- complete lightbulb database to help you figure out just how to change the lightbulb and make it fit. Best Part: The augmented reality light scene.  Photograph your room and experiment with the ambience of light sources. Needs Work: It’s not UL’s fault, but there’s something pathetic about needing an app to replace a lightbulb.

-Robin Raskin