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Top 25 TOP 25 – Developer’s Description: You are used to writing and taking notes with a pen because it is simple and natural: with MyScript Notes Mobile, don’t change your habits, keep that pleasure and save, share, export and access all your documents anytime and everywhere.

Furthermore, the advanced concept of “Smart Note Taking” makes writing notes easy, simple and intuitive.

Smart Note Taking consists of making all your handwritten text automatically searchable and interactive:

– Notes taken with the smart pen writing tool can be searched (search your text in the current notebook or across different notebooks)
– A long press on the word you have just written, you can copy, search for it in notebooks or on the web (using Google® or Wikipedia®), or show the definition of the word in a popup window.

– A long press on the contact name, you can send the page or notebook by email to that person 


Cost: $7.99

Category: Education, Productivity 

Author: Vision Objects 

Platform: iOS

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