Cerego – The Essential Memory Management Tool


Developer’s Description: Cerego is the best way to learn faster and remember longer. Discover hundreds of courses, build your own, and easily improve memory performance as you learn, all 100% free.

* Use onboard camera to create your own items to learn on-the-go
* Study progress automatically syncs across all your devices
* Discover and build new courses in the app
* Visualize progress and memory permanence in the Memory Bank
* Reminders reinforce memory permanence and keep knowledge in your brain

Cerego is built on a powerful adaptive learning engine that has been trained by over 1.3 million learners and over 3.7 million hours of study time. Research in neuroscience, learning theory, and cognitive science are built into the platform, and every course is personalized to you so you learn at your optimal pace.

You learn, Cerego remembers — give it a shot, and advance the way you study. 


Cost: Free

Category: Education

Author: Cerego

Platform: iOS

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