Mobile Apps Showdown: Week 1


Mobile Apps Showdown First Apps In: Health and Utility In the Lead

Maybe it’s the recession?  Maybe business folks are more on the ball about sending in applications early, but the bulk of the apps submitted so far take care of our health and our daily grind in new and exciting ways.

Protecting Your Data: McAfee Mobile Security seems to be at the head of the class for offering a complete solution for your mobile life.  It’ll track your device when lost, wipe it clean, detect malware and spam, spot out a fake QR codes and it’ll even let you block calls and SMS messages. There pieces of this type of app all over the Android stores, but between McAffee’s good name and it’s grand view it seems like a leader.

Anyone use any other Android protection?

OfficeDrop turns your phone into a scanner that stores your scanned documents in the cloud. Seems beyond perfect for business travellers with pockets full of paper receipts, news clippings and more.

Let us know if you’ve used your phone as a scanner. Did the OCR work well?

If you saw my pile of loyalty cards from hotels, pharmacies, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc. you’d know why I’m a personal fan of SWAGG.  It also manages digital gift cards (both buying them as gifts and redeeming them). My phone has replaced about 30 cards.  How do you manage?


And our two health entries are both exciting and different. Optum Health’s Optumizeme makes staying healthy and active into a bit of a group competition. You can issue a healthy challenge — like walk up the stairs to the 4th floor office — and invite your friends to join.  Track progress and even monitor on Facebook. A little healthy competition for a healthier life.

Triage, a free app, developed by doctors offers information for emergency medical situations, helping you diagnose your condition.  It’ll also find the nearest place for you to go for treatment.

We’ll have 5 new apps for you to explore on Monday, but take a look at these over the weekend and let us know what you think. Comment below or comment on each individual app, we’re listening.