It’s Time for YOU to Pick. Vote Here. Vote Now.


More than 60 apps came into the competition. You can see each and every one of them right here.  Well, not all of them. One competitor won’t be unveiled until the start of the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Our 10 judges sifted through them all. They debated. They rated. The result: We have a Top 25 list, consisting of the the apps selected to be the best of the bunch by our expert judges, the names and faces you see on the right side of every page.

What happens next is one of things that distinguishes Mobile App Showdown from other similar contests. Yes, the experts have their say. But you do, too. The editors from our participating sites do a terrific job of filtering. But the ultimate arbiter here is, well, y-o-u, as someone who will actually download, buy, and use an app.

How do you get your say? Easy. Go to our “Winner Take All” balloting page. There you see a list of 24 of our Top 25 apps. (One of the Top 25 won’t debut until CES.) Each of you has 25 ballots.  Cast them as you wish.  Put all 25 on a single app.  Or parcel them out.

The voting will continue until 12:01 am Pacific Time on January 8. At that moment we’ll have an Online Winner that will join the winner of the live competition before a live audience at CES at 12:30 pm Pacific Time on January 8.

For now, though, the crown rests in your hands. Let the people vote!