The Umee Media Experience Brings Universal Remote Control


Developer’s Description: Toss out the remote. Umee lets your smartphone, tablet or media player become your ultimate remote control. According to the company, “more than just device control, UMEE gives you easy setup, an interactive program guide, social networking with check-in and sharing, and the ability to walk from room to room and control all your media devices with just a simple tap on the screen.” Your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad have never been this useful.

UMEE is available from the Apple App Store. Of course to use it you’ll need to own of one Apple devices to use it with. Social networking devotees can also use UMEE to find out what’s on TV and check out what your friends are watching. With listings for every channel in the US and connections to Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be connected like never before.


Category: Entertainment

Accessaganza, Inc.

Platform: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iTouch