Movie Junkie: Watch Unlimited Movies Anywhere With BIGSTAR MOVIES ON DEMAND


Developer’s Description: This could mean that you’ll never be without your movies again–especially if you’re an Indie film lover. Anywhere you are, any device you have, BIGSTAR MOVIES-ON-DEMAND brings a collection of independent movies to your screen. When you join BIGSTAR you’ll be able to watch as many movies as you can handle–a movie buffet for $4.99.  But be clear that these are independent films (even you can submit a film for viewing). When I checked, Dark Awakening and Ghetto were two of  the hottest sources. But the site had  10 million visitors. BIGSTAR can be accessed on your iPhone, iPad, webOS smartphone, the Roku player, Connected Samsung and Vizio TVs with more connected devices arriving soon.

Cost: Free for 30 days and then $4.99 per month

Category: Entertainment

Author: Bigstar

Platform: Android, iPhone, Palm, Mac, PC