Making Your Flat Panel Look Like What it’s Worth with Sanus Install Tool Kit


Developer’s Description: Buying a flat panel is relatively easy compared to making it look good in your home. Sanus Install Tool Kit™ for the iPad is the perfect assistant for any home theater project.

The app features the Sanus MountFinder™ and Height Finder™ tools which provide users the ability to search for compatible Sanus mounts for more than 15,000 TVs, view complete product information, and get the exact drilling-hole location for installation. The Sanus Install Tool Kit also includes a built-in ProSet™ level tool which allows users to place their iPad on the TV or mount and level the system to the wall; a TV range-of-motion simulator which displays the range of motion for a specific mount/ TV combination; and a “MyNotes” notepad where installers can save, email, and print installation notes.

The Sanus Install Tool Kit™ also provides demo videos which highlight the benefits of TV wall mounting and explain the different types of mounts available. Get it done right with the Sanus Install Tool Kit.

Cost: Free

Category: Utilities

Author: Sanus

Platform: iPad