Gwabbit Snatches Victory in the MAS Online Vote


Developer’s description: gwabbit for BlackBerry smartphones joins the award-winning gwabbit for Outlook, as an automatic email contact management solution for both desktops and mobile phones. Gwabbit scans incoming BlackBerry emails, finds contacts, and instantly transforms them into contact records within your Outlook address book – all with a single mouse click. gwabbit even checks your address book to see if you’ve already saved a contact before re-prompting you to “gwab” it again.

Pros: If “who you know” is part of your job, you’ll love this. No more cutting and pasting addresses into Outlook. Gwabbit recognizes just about every weird address — even those long ones with the names of every site the contact mentions.

Cons: The app sometimes prompts you for a contact even if you have it already and sometimes mixes up fields when the address is complex.

Category: Productivity


Platform: BlackBerry

Cost: $9.99 for the year after a 14 day free trial