Clixtr Takes First Prize at MAS 2010 Event


Developer’s description: Clixtr turns smartphones into smartcameras by leveraging location-based technologies and the rapidly improving quality of camera phones. Clixtr users create events, upload mobile photos, and, for the first time ever, create real-time event photo streams with the users around them. Photos and events are public and can be followed live on the web or directly on mobile devices. By creating an instant, location-aware mobile photo-sharing platform, Clixtr enables real-time event browsing by location or popularity. Users can follow and contribute to events as they happen around the corner and around the world. Clixtr is the ultimate social camera. Clixtr was selected as one of the top 50 companies of 2009 by TechCrunch50 from over 1,000 companies that applied.

Pros: Fascinating content for free.

Cons: Interface takes getting used to.

Category: Lifestyle

Author: Clixtr

Platform: iPhone

Cost: Free