Aha: peer-to-peer navigation app


mas_top10_150h - Copy.jpg Developer’s description: Aha improves your driving experience by keeping you informed about the world around you while you are on the road. Our company built the first driver-to-driver network that connects drivers to live traffic reports from each other and to relevant information from the Internet. With our 65 MPH safe-driver design, we give you a simpler way to communicate and stay informed behind the wheel. You won’t need to enter text or study a small map. You can record and share your own personal traffic reports to help those around you, or listen to a customized traffic channel on the roads you travel. Aha also alerts you to the nearby things you need–like a great cup of coffee or a restroom. With Aha, drivers help each other on the road. Founded in 2008, Aha began by building a connected back-end platform that can power any number of devices, from portable electronics to in-car systems. Our first free App, designed for the iPhone, gives drivers the answers they need while minimizing driving distractions.

Cost: Free

Category: Lifestyle

Author: Aha Mobile, Inc.

Platform: iPhone