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Top 25TOP 25 – Developer’s Description: Never have to think too hard about what to listen to again. MPme provides curated online radio for free on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. MPme now offers music lovers an elegant aggregation app of professionally and personally curated radio from around the world on iPhones and iPod touch. Discovering music that users love is made effortless as MPme accesses thousands of radio station streams in real-time and uses this real- time music data plus the user’s music library, listening habits and those of their friends to tailor recommended stations for users to listen to through the app. 




Cost: Free

Category: Entertainment, Other, Music  

Author: MPme 

Platform: iOS

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The world of online radio is vast and can be very difficult to navigate. Fortunately, MPme brings you online radio content that is tailored best to suit your taste. The app makes this effortless with an easy to use interface that is also very slick. The Best: A neat alternative to finding online radio content that you’ll actually like. Needs Work: In a market populated with the likes of the feature rich Spotify, Pandora, Slacker and Rdio app alternatives, we’re not sure that MPme can quite compete.

– Helena Stone