Geodelic: It ‘browses’ your surroundings


mas_top10_150h - Copy.jpg Developer’s description: Geodelic is a free application that browses your surroundings. It lets you swipe through locations on your iPhone or Android phone to quickly find anything from a java joint to a dry cleaner or cash machine. With usage, the app learns what you like, giving you personalized results. Geodelic Systems partners with brands and marketers to create a network of themed experiences. The authoring system allows businesses to publish location-triggered content, linking them to our rapidly growing user-base. A relevance engine tracks user behavior, allowing marketers to reach consumers directly and efficiently, at the point of sale. Live statistics provides real-time reporting on consumer actions. Geodelic’s Sherpa app on Android phones has won numerous awards and praise.

Pros: It’s a really cool feeling to be in a totally new place and have a dial into the best things in town. Entries, like new restaurants, seem up-to-date, too.

Cons: It’s great, but not perfect. As a user, I’ve been lead on a few disappointing journeys.

Category: Lifestyle

Author: Geodelic Systems

Platform: Android, iPhone